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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Looking for a Quiet Moment

It’s been a couple of wild weeks at MPOW (My Place of Work, for the uninitiated). We’re working on our budget and presentations to the city council, to be given next week. Prior to the holiday I worked eight days in a row, and wow, was I tired when I finally got a day off!

Back to work this morning and we’ve decided to do a Power Point presentation for council. Since I don’t know beans about Power Point, my crack (no, not cracked) Public Services and Systems librarians have agreed to put the photos and text together for me. Unfortunately, both of them have been crazy busy working on more immediate things—the presentation is Monday, and that is a whole five days away—and it looks like we won’t really get cooking on it until tomorrow at the earliest.

After lunch I took a few minutes to catch up on some of the library blogs I frequently read. Feel-Good Librarian hasn’t posted lately, because, as she says, “when nothing happens there’s nothing to write about.” Maybe they're having a slow summer. Believe me, they're the only ones! The Free Range Librarian just got back from the American Library Association conference in New Orleans (no one went from MPOW—a result of this year’s budget crunch). RickLibrarian, also back from ALA, has discovered he has a staff opening. Any librarians out there who live near Downer’s Grove, Illinois?

I was beginning to feel that my blog time was being wasted when there, below WebJunction (brought to you by OCLC, of monumental WorldCat fame [now with one BILLION holdings]) when what should I spy, hidden there at the bottom of my favorites list but some of my favorite romance blogs. I try to keep up with Romancing the Blog, and SquawkRadio when I can, but those slow days with bits and pieces of time to read online are growing fewer and farther between. Some evenings before bed I pull out my laptop and visit with my favorite Noodler bloggers. It’s the next best thing to being there (with them).

How do you read your favorite blogs? Do you nibble away at them bite by bite, or gobble them whole in a single session?

Yes, I'm looking for a quiet moment--to goof off.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Mo H said...

I'm goofing off, too! I should be writing while not so small child is sleeping and not telling me she's bored. :)


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