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Friday, November 23, 2007

Noodler November Releases

Stock up on these November releases by the Noodlers. Next Friday will feature our Noodler December releases!

Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy by Stephanie Rowe goes on sale this week!

Paige Darlington has a problem. See, she's the former apprentice to Satan's right hand, Becka Gibbs. As a result, she's got this pretty much all consuming need to be bad... not her fault, right? Well, that will be a small comfort when she loses all human emotions, including the ability to love and care about those who matter to her.

To keep his brother alive, Jed Buchanan works for Satan Jr., the heir to hell and the most evil being in existence. Jed has been forced to do a lot of unsavory things during his time on the "job" and his latest assignment - killing Becka Gibbs - isn't pleasant either. It only gets more complicated when he arrives at Becka's apartment, and inadvertently attacks Paige, a beautiful, sexy demon who decides that saving his black soul will be just the thing to keep her own from rotting.

But can the Devil's minion and the Devil's assassin possibly find true love?

Tall, Dark and Filthy Rich by Jill Monroe arrives in stores!

What would you do if you hit the jackpot?

Private investigator Jessie Huell has always eschewed girlie things for the tools of her trade. She'd swap Jimmy Choos for a nightscope any day. But when she arrives as a guest on a popular Atlanta sex show, Jessie is unexpectedly reunited with high school crush and producer Cole Crawford—multi-million dollar lottery winner, igniter of panties...and bad, bad news for her.

Now Jessie is the official spokesperson for fling-havers everywhere—Cole and Jessie are doing hot, naughty things in the very same places she swore she'd avoid. As each incredible second explodes by, Jessie finds herself in deep trouble: if she's not careful she'll break the first rule of flingdom and it'll turn serious…which means she'll have to find the real dirt on Cole Crawford...because this man's too good to be true!

From Harlequin Presents - The Boss's Christmas Baby by Trish Morey

The Yuletide child

Tegan Fielding is supposed to be masquerading as her twin, not sleeping with her sister's boss! But James Maverick is too sexy to resist. She'll be his mistress—Yet he doesn't know who she really is.

The deception must end; Tegan is falling for the tycoon, and as Christmas approaches she has some news. How will James react when he finds his convenient mistress is expecting a special, seasonal delivery?

These great October releases from The Wet Noodle Posse are still available!



At 9:52 AM, Blogger Dianna Love Snell said...

Jill, Trish and Steph -

Super time to have these books available when the weather is cool and the fireplace is inviting. I'm looking forward to finally catching up on my TBR stack, which includes these great Noodler books.



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