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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wet Noodle Posse | Blog

Wet Noodle Posse Blog

by Dani - frantically reading the last few blogs for inspiration....

And finally deciding to write about blogs, and commitments. What's with blogs, anyway? And why show up if you're not inspired?

Well, because it is a commitment, and I like to do what I say I'll do, and I prefer to be prepared. But have you noticed how May and June turn into a crazed time, with school wrapping up with about a hundred functions per child, sports starting--don't forget photo day, and then there's the quicky long-weekend vacations, and isn't it about time to get the gardens cleaned am I prepared? Uh, no. Committed? Yes. Ought to be committed? Oh, yeah.

So here I am, showing up, but I can't help wondering what other people are blogging about EVERY DAY, when I don't have one thing of interest to contribute once a month. I mean, who has time to form an opinion these days?

Other Noodlers, of course, who are way more organized than I am. I like your observations on life, the Universe and Everything, ladies. If I had time, I'd read more of them ;)

But again, that's a once a month commitment, and not so hard to manage (for most of us!) What are people saying EVERY DAY? Every hour? Do they really think anyone out there is COUNTING on them to show up and tell them what happened between 8-9am? I rhymed off my last few weeks in a single run on sentence. Are people really out there telling people what they ate for breakfast, who phoned, which paper ball the cat chased and how many people on the bus had a bad cough? (Sadly, I suspect so.) It reminds me of the conversations I used to have with my grandmother. She had a very quiet life, and I'd show up a couple times a week with, yes, still a boring life, and tell her all the inconsequentials: the baby's first gurgle, that kind of thing, and she loved it. But you know why? Because I was spending time with her.

Now, I'm not trying to knock blogs. Some people use the power for good--read down ours and you'll see lots of bright observations and opinions. But here's something else you could do: Go form a living relationship with another human being face to face. Go outside. Live beyond the computer. (That's rich, coming from the Computer Queen--I preach what I need to learn.)

Just a thought. Now I have to drop the kids at school, go to work, pick up the kids, make supper, take one to baseball then to Tae Kwon Do, write an article, and check back here to see if anyone read this blather.

Have a great day!


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Diane Perkins said...

So right, Dani, we sometimes get so addicted to the computer that we forget about those living, breathing people around us!


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