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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The House that Fred and Lorelle Built

My husband, Fred, and I are building a country house. This will be our second attempt. If you've tuned in earlier in the year, this is no big news. But are you ready? We have WALLS!!!

Admittedly they're still sticks, but in my mind they're covered with plaster, paint, and even have bookshelves! Walls are wonderful! I can stand in the spot where my kitchen sink will go and look out the window and enjoy the view of the valley! And I don't have to worry about the dishes yet.
When our contractor informed us that the our dream house was going to cost more than we could afford, panic set in. I sat down with a pad of graph paper and came up two new plans pronto. I breathe house plans. There's an architect floating around in my gene pool. I have boxes of dream homes I've designed, unfortunately none of them were 1200 sqaure feet, or less--which is all our stretched budget could afford after purchasing our 9 acres of avocados. Our contractor picked the drawing I liked the best, a tiny three bedroom U-shaped plan around a central patio--my new dining room. The house will have an old world feel with clay tile floors and French doors opening into the garden where I can watch the hawks fly over the valley while I sip my morning coffee. Ah, home at last!

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