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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cat Update

I thought I would do just a quick little blog today, just enough to update you on the Cat-astrophy at my house. We're not quite Cat-atonic, but we are much calmer.

Girl cat has not quite graduated to total freedom. She still spends the night locked safely in the bathroom, with litter box, and she still spends most of her time between the couch and the kitchen table. But she has been seen going to the litter box on her own. Unfortunately, this appears to be an event of great interest to the other three, who follow her in there to watch (MALE cats, you know).

Devil cat still will attack her if she spooks him--meaning if she looks at him. But we don't have to banish her to our son's apartment where they-shudder-leave windows open, no screens.

She and the cat-who-gets-along-with-everyone even sleep on the same couch!

I know you were all just chewing your nails in worry about girl cat. Rest easy. Crisis over....



At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Judy T said...

Glad to hear she's settling. They're adorable.


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