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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Introducing Delle Jacobs

So far, Delle Jacobs holds the record for the most Golden Heart wins, having won in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Since she also finalled seven times with six books, she didn't want to be accused of collecting gold to make her own RITA, so she decided it was time to quit entering. But she figures her triple heart necklace will always be her favorite piece of jewelry.

Delle has five books published by Awe-Struck E-Books and two currently contracted with Samhain Publishing. All her books have won several awards and been Fictionwise best sellers. Her most recent book, HIS MAJESTY, THE PRINCE OF TOADS (2003 GH winner), took First Place in The Lories, a contest for published romance fiction. She has discovered her style and the stories she loves fit very well as ebooks, but she likes the notion that they also go into print, for those who prefer holding their books in their hands.

Look for APHRODITE'S BREW, a 2004 Golden Heart winner, in March, 2008, and SINS OF THE HEART (winner of many contests but, alas, written too late for the Golden Heart) in June, 2008.


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