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Friday, March 20, 2009

Q&A Friday!

With men's and women's collegiate basketball tournaments and St. Patrick's Day coinciding this week, the noodlers suspect there's quite a bit of beer being consumed.

So what beer or beer-like beverage do you like? If you don't like it, why? Do you have any good recipes that include beer in the ingredients?

Here's a simple recipe using beer that's great with a nice hearty stew.

Beer Biscuits

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
Mix 4 cups of Bisquick and 12 ounces of beer together in a large bowl.
Drop biscuits onto a greased cookie sheet (if you're more into free form) or into a greased muffin pan (if you like them round).
Bake for 15 minutes.

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At 9:09 AM, Blogger Terry Odell said...

Guinness. And I've got a recipe for a great Guinness Chocolate Cake. It's on my blog. (Dec. 20th, or email me).

Then there was the strange concoction hubby and his colleagues use to mix (in a yellow plastic bucket, which apparently is required) after a long day on the water doing dolphin research -- Skip and Go Naked -- which had a beer base. If you read the recipe, you'd never try it. I served it (but not in a yellow plastic bucket) to our University Supper Club, and one of the delightful ladies asked what the delicious punch was. I told her the name and the basic ingredients. When someone else remarked on it, she said it was called "Drink and Don't Ask."

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Theresa Ragan said...

That's hilarious, Terry! Ha! I'll have to check out the recipe on your site!

I don't have any beer recipes to share. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Colleen Gleason said...

Give me a Blue Moon or a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat any day!

I also really like Hacker Pshorr Wheat.

(Can you tell I'm German??)

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Terry Odell said...

Anyone from Colorado? There's actually an Odell Brewery there -- very good microbrews. Wish I could say we were related.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Ladyhawk said...

I laughed out loud, Terry! How funny. I don't drink beer myself, as the smell... When I was seven years old, we visited a big brewery. Cured me for life. :-) That being said, I know my sister has fed her rosebushes beer (straight from the can), and they loved it.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Terry Odell said...

Ladyhawk, I didn't start drinking beer until I was 50. Yes, it was the smell. But one evening we were out for sushi, and I was thirsty, and a glass of wine wasn't going to do it. Hubby ordered a Kirin Ichiban, and I said, "Make it 2." He almost fell out of his chair. But I tend to drink the stouts, porters, etc. Guinness actually has a chocolatey taste.

Verification word: consubed. Is that consumed with a head cold?

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Diane Gaston said...

When I was a kid, my sister used to drink beer like the rest of us drank sodas. Nowadays my parents would have been arrested for it.

I like Guinness or any hearty flavored beer. And the ones that don't make my ears itch.

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

go blue devils


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