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Friday, February 20, 2009

Q&A Friday!

This week we’ve shared our favorite first kisses on the big and small screen, we’ve discussed what happens after the ball, unconventional heroes, and real life romance. For Q&A Friday, let’s share our favorite written first kisses. What makes them so appealing?

An all time favorite first kiss for me was the one between Jaime and Claire in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. I’d share it with you if I still had my well-worn copy of the book. If only I could remember who borrowed it!

Another recent favorite is between Trey and Sasha in the paranormal novella Midnight Kiss Goodbye, in the Dead After Dark anthology, written by noodler Dianna Love. The hero and heroine, who both have supernatural powers, have a romantic past. It’s not just about the physical part of the kiss, it’s the emotions that make this kiss memorable.

Trey wrapped her in a hug that sent her thoughts tumbling back to when she’d turned to him for escape from a family plagued with problems, for comfort and . . . for love. He slowly lifted her up against him. When her hip met his, she felt solid proof he was still just as affected by touching her as she was by his hands.

Oh,yes, very affected.

He groaned into her hair. Hot breath raked her skin.

She folded her arms around his neck and kissed his throat, then ran her tongue along the bottom edge of his ear.

He shuddered and turned his face to hers, pausing for a fleeting second before his mouth captured her waiting lips, the kiss powerful and filled with longing that melted her heart.

No one else had ever made her feel anything close to this cared for in all these years. She’d grown out of her tomboy looks in her mid twenties, but Trey had always found her attractive. Where other women had been intimidated by his stature, she’d enjoyed a male that made her feel feminine.

Another first kiss scene I really like is between Randi and Zac in noodler Trish Milburn’s Harlequin American A Firefighter in the Family. The hero and heroine are former firefighters with a romantic past who are trying to solve an arson case. Randi, who is an arson investigator for the state of Florida, has received several threats against her. Zac takes these threats seriously and wants to protect her. I love how Trish nails that lovesick feeling and how humor leads into the kiss.

As they ate, Randi caught Zac watching her lips as she licked her fingers. Or was she imagining things? The jittery feeling that came over her made her feel like a lovesick teenager….

To hide the effect his words had on her pulse, she resorted to teasing. She smiled and brought her clasped hands to her chest. With a theatrical voice, she closed her eyes and said, “Oh, my knights in shining armor. Whatever would I do without you?”

“Not this,” Zac whispered close to her, and then his lips touched hers.

She jumped and opened her eyes wide.

Zac pulled back and looked at her. “Tell me to stop.”

She couldn’t. All the reasons identifying this as a bad idea zipped through her brain. She ignored them and leaned into him, accepted his kiss with an explosion of longing that would have scared her if she’d stopped to think.

So what is one of your favorite kisses in a novel or novella? What do you think makes it so appealing?

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At 1:25 PM, Blogger Diane Gaston said...

Gosh, Maureen, I can never remember these things. I loved your two examples, though. We Noodlers have done a lot of great kissing!


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