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Monday, March 09, 2009

Lord of the Dance

By Debra Holland

Years ago, I saw Riverdance (although not with Michael Flatley) and became an immediate fan. I even wanted to take Irish folk dancing lessons. (But I stuck to country western and ballet.) I also enjoyed the televised version of the show, but seeing it on TV was not as enchanting as watching the original.

I’d always wanted to see Lord of the Dance, but never did. So when I saw an ad in the paper that the show would be touring in Orange County at the performing Arts Center, I put in a request to my wonderful boyfriend, Don, who bought 5th row, middle seats.

Although Michael Flatley wouldn’t be in the show, the paper ran a long article about the local star, Jason Gorman, who would perform as the “master,” and I looked forward to seeing him.

Don and I spent two enthralled hours, captivated by the vibrant music, astonishing dancing, and colorful costumes. Although the show is loosely a good versus evil tale set in a mythical time and place, it’s mostly a collection of dances with a cast of about 40.

Our seats put us at foot level to the stage, giving me ample opportunity to study the marvelous footwork. As fast and furious as those dancers moved their feet, I doubt the male stars reached Michael’s record of 35 taps in one second.

I especially loved the male lead, handsome, masculine, sexy, whether he danced alone or with the other men. The beat of the music, flashing feet, pounding of their shoes on the wooden stage made for a mesmerizing experience.

The beautiful, rhythmic music, colorful costumes, handsome dancers, vaguely gothic setting totally immersed me in a stimulating, creative environment. About a third of the way through, a story idea came to me. Paranormal. Irish. Time travel. I never thought of writing an Irish story before.

On the way home, Don and I talked about what we liked about the show. I took the time to jot down the story idea on the small pad of per I always carry in my purse. (Don’t all writers?)

My notes will end up in my “ideas” folder. But who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll even write the story. :)

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At 7:22 AM, Blogger Gillian Layne said...

I just finished The Magic Knot and so I'm WOW on all things Irish right now. Write the book, ;) I'll read it!

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Terry Odell said...

I had the fortune of going to Ireland (County Cork, mostly) a number of years back. It was a wonderful experience (and where I discovered I really liked Irish whiskey thanks to a rainy Sunday where the Jameson distillery was the only thing open).

DD lives in Northern Ireland now and I'm trying to figure out a way to visit.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Laurel Hawkes said...

What a great date! A thoughtful boyfriend, brilliant entertainment, and an intriguing story idea! To me, despite the unhappy history, there has always been something magical about Ireland. Even the name rolls delightfully over your tongue.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Dianna Love said...

I'm a huge fan of jotting down any passing thought that seems like it could play into a story. I throw them into a file drawer then later it's like opening up a treasure chest of gold nuggets.

Gillian - Helen will be thrilled to hear your comment about The Magic Knot.

Terry - hahaha...we had something like that the Sunday we spent near the Jack Daniels distillery. Too funny.

Judy - Isn't funny how you can just hear the word Ireland and the image of something mystical and fun comes up?

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Diane Gaston said...

Hey, Terry, Jameson is GREAT!! My cousin buys it by the case-it last a looooong time.

My friend Michelle Willingham writes Irish Medievals

Judy, One of the distressing parts of the Regency ("my" era) is the treatment of the Irish, soon to become even more abominable with the the famines. I can't even go there...

Debra, Don hasn't disappointed us yet!!

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Terry Odell said...

Diane - the Jameson they serve at the distillery is REALLY good stuff. That's the stuff they never sell elsewhere. DD (the one in No. Ireland) sent me a bottle of Bushmill's Distillery Reserve (again, only sold at the distillery) and it had my name printed on the label. That's rationed out VERY exclusively.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Louisa Cornell said...

The Magic Knot is indeed a fabulous book!

Lord of the Dance is coming to a town about 20 miles from here in April for one night and I HOPE to be there!

And I agree with Gillian! Write the book! I'll read it!

Mare Willingham's books are great, aren't they, Diane!

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Terry McLaughlin said...

Loved your post, Debra! You've got me wanting to listen to some Irish music ;-).

I was fortunate to travel to Ireland and North Ireland a few years ago. Since my husband's grandparents were born near Bushmills, that's where we stayed. We toured the distillery, and we had lunch with some relatives who still live on the McLaughlin farm (which overlooks the Giant's Causeway).


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