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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We've been talking this month about girl friends or sisters. I grew up in a family with three brothers, so I haven't had much experience with sisters. Now I have two grown daughters, and I am thankful to count them as my friends. Having daughters for friends is a blessing.

Although daughters are not quite the same as sisters, we can still do some of the same things that sisters do. We like to go to chick flicks together and shopping even though my shopping style is a little slower paced than theirs. We share advice and recipes. I get fashion advice from them that hopefully keeps me young, although I still like my comfy sandals that they consider "old lady shoes." We laugh, play games and exercise together. One of my favorite things is taking a walk on the beach with them or sitting on beach chairs with our feet in the water.

I just wish they didn't live so far away.

What kinds of things do you like to share with your daughters?

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At 10:04 AM, Blogger Terry Odell said...

I hear you. I have one brother. For my freshman year in college, my cousin (female) lived with us, so I had a chance to do the 'sister' thing. We're still close.

But my daughters are probably giving me the same 'sister-bonding' experience. For a number of years, when we lived within a reasonable distance, we'd gather at one of our homes for their birthday celebration.

Mall, makeovers, pedicures, champagne toasts. Great fun.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Mo H said...

My daughter and I like to watch chick flicks and shop together. Right now, we're re-decorating her room. We also scrapbook.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Theresa Ragan said...

I love that photo, Merrillee! You and your daughters look gorgeous.

And yes, daughters are a lot like sisters. I have two of them also and we share everything! Both daughters are so different which makes it fun. I went skydiving with my 16 year old and my 20 year old daughter cried because she thought she would never see us again. :) Anyhow, yes, we like to shop, share clothes and makeup tips, talk, watch movies, and take tons of pictures just for fun.

Thanks for sharing. What a fun blog!

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Prisakiss said...

Merrillee, I love the pic of you and your girls! With three daughters of my own, I'm both looking forward to celebrating their wedding day and dreading the bills. :-)

Like Theresa's daughters, mine have different personalities. Shades of similarities, but you will never mistake one daughter for the other based on their personalities. In my eyes, that's what makes them so special-- their differences.

We like getting pedicures, going to the theater, hitting the midnight showing of the newest Harry Potter movie, dressing up in character costumes for Harry Potter book releases and Halloween, singing to a broadway showtune, going to the beach, watching a good movie at home, and cheering for the Cubs.

My girls keep me young, and I try to keep them level-headed, good-hearted and on the right track. Though we veer off from time to time to have a little fun. :-)

I don't have any little boys, just a big boy (my hubby), and most of the time I wouldn't change it. As my girls have gotten older our relationship has slowly changed. My college freshman and I share things I can't yet share with my high school freshman-- as it should be.

Yes, there have been trying times. I try to think of those as teachable moments-- for all of us. And they make the sunnier days that much brighter.

As trite as it sounds, my girls are my pride and joy. My cheerleaders, my occasional headaches, and three of my biggest supporters.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Merrillee said...

I forgot about the pedicures.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Merrillee said...

And room decorating. When we moved to Dallas, I had the best time with my girls when we decorated their rooms.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Merrillee said...

You went skydiving????? You are brave. My daughters have completely different personalities, too. We keep each other in balance.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Merrillee said...

It's been fun seeing your girls through your eyes and how they've grown up over the years. When you make it through the teen years into the adult years, I think the bonding is even greater. Having adult daughters is great because there is less of the parent-child aspect to the relationship. We are all adult women and share a common bond.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Louisa Cornell said...

What a lovely photo Merrillee !

I don't have daughters and my sister is not by blood, but a sister of the heart.

I am a daughter, however, and my relationship with my mother has definitely improved with age. We went through a lot of conflict when I was a teenager and in my college years. My poor Dad was always caught in the middle. They raised me to be independent and then my Mom didn't like it! LOL

In the last five years we have grown really close. We live eighty miles apart, but we talk on the phone three or four times a week and she comes down to visit at least once a month. We love to troll the local flea market / antique mall and she is so supportive of my writing career. We gossip about the people in my hometown and we laugh a lot. We went together to buy my nephew a very expensive laptop as his graduation present and are working to get him as much financial aid as possible for when he enters the University of Alabama engineering school in the fall.

My Dad is gone so I am really glad my Mom and I have grown closer. We have that bond of being two widow-women making our way in the world and we have a lot of fun along the way.


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