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Friday, January 20, 2006

It Was the Worst of Times/It Was the Best of Times by Diane Gaston Perkins

When dreams come true the sandman sometimes forgets to tell you that within every good dream, there is a nightmare.

I’m living my dream-come-true of writing Romance, getting books published, and even getting money for it. In this dream, I have the security of two publishers who want what I most love to write-Regency Historicals-and I have book contracts lasting into 2007.

The nightmare is that there always seems to be some sort of monster at the door. Two weeks ago, it was my critique group saying my Christmas (2006) novella, due Jan 15, lacked enough conflict. So I swallowed my pride and emailed my editor that I’d be one week late. Secretly, though I thought I’d be done yesterday.

But another monster popped out in the form of a nine-page revision letter for the book I just turned in. And another one when I realized my last two chapters of the novella were stupefyingly boring and the re-write needed to be re-written. And another when I remembered that I have a whole other book to write by the end of April and I haven’t figured out one of the main plot points. And then, of course, I remembered it is my day to blog...

I’m not complaining, because it doesn’t seem right to complain about having one’s dream come true. The point of all this is, that even in a nightmare, there can be a good dream, too.

Because, in the middle of all this stress, The Phantom of the Opera came on HBO. I never saw Phantom in the movie theater, and my Blockbuster card is so dusty pulling it out makes me cough, so discovering Phantom was a whole new experience for me. I mean, Gerard Butler. SIGH! What a wonderful job of acting. I can’t think when I’ve seen an actor portray such sensuality, such ecstasy, such pain. Singing, too! The Phantom has been a blessed relief from my woes, a treasure in the midst of a trash heap, a--good dream inside a nightmare. After I’m brain dead from writing stuff I throw away the next day, I turn on Phantom (now copied) and look at Gerard Butler.

I’m guessing that whenever life is turning stressful or dark or full of demons, if we look hard enough we can also see things that give us joy. Even in our worst days. The death of my friend Maryanne, put me back in touch with the joy of knowing her. When my mother died, I discovered how many people in my life cared about me. When I made the difficult decision to retire from my day job, a week later I sold my first book. When my daughter had to move out of the apartment she’d just moved into, she wound up witnessing the cat in the new place have kittens.

And this week, my joy is:

Be good to yourself......or else!


(Peek at Diane’s other blog, Warner Women, for a more thorough discussion of the Phantom’s character- an analysis on dark heroes)


At 8:45 PM, Blogger MaryF said...

Well, we all know how I feel about the Phantom ;)

But good to be reminded that it's not all wine and roses! Good luck getting through!

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Sandy Blair said...

Lovely, Diane. Someone once said, "We can't appreciate true joy if we haven't cried." True.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Colleen Gleason said...

Good luck, Diane! I know you can do it. I've loved everything you've written and I've no doubt you'll continue to create more wonderful stories.

And Gerard Butler...oh yes. And if you want a special treat, pull out that dusty Blockbuster card and rent the two-disc special edition of Phantom and watch "the making of" parts. Yum.

And let me just leave you with this image:
...Past the point of no backward glances...the games we've played till now are at an end..."

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

If you like Gerard Butler, blow the dust off that old Blockbuster card and rent Dear Frankie. I guess they have it. I got my copy from Netflix, then ordered a copy for myself from Amazon. It's a lovely Scottish movie about a woman who must find a man to pose as her son's seafaring father--kind of romantic, kind of sweet--and Gerard (sans mask) is wonderful.


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