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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why I Missed My Blog Yesterday

Of course there is no adequate excuse for missing yesterday and for not realizing I missed until four o’clock this afternoon, especially when I missed last month, too. So here’s my attempt to determine what the heck I was doing. By the way, I have marked my computer calendar, so I will be reminded if I forget next month. Here’s what I was doing when I should have been posting:

1. Cleaned and reorganized the family room in preparation for my daughter’s birthday slumber party on Friday. I made the mistake of investigating the piles stacked on the fireplace hearth. Turned out they were folders from school (grades 3-5), toys, and art supplies. Yes, she’s a pack rat. So I had to go through the piles. Then I noticed the rolling cart where she’s supposed to store school supplies. The clear plastic bins were now filled with odd items from hair elastics, to tubs of beads, to dried up Play-doh, and even an old band-aid. As I explored her stashes, I found more stuff to throw away and organize. I felt like Sisyphus.
2. Wrote a few pages because even though I had fifteen million things to do, writing comes first.
3. Talked to my mom in Louisiana about my father’s foot surgery on Thursday, the status of the golf clubs my father refurbished for my daughter, and how Mom doesn’t want to watch anything on TV about Katrina because it’s too traumatic for her to see it again. They are doing well but are planning to move next year.
4. Revised my president’s column for my chapter newsletter, which I e-mailed to the editor. You’d think that doing something so similar would jog my memory. But no.
5. Realized I had a chapter to critique for my critique partners, read and responded to it in a last minute panic.
6. Removed the ribbons I sewed in the wrong spot on my daughter’s toe shoes and reattached them in the right place. I guess I should have checked in Ballet for Dummies. When I arrived home from critique group, my daughter informed me that the crisscrossed elastic that keeps her feet in the shoes is too long. Her foot is falling out when she goes on pointe. So I’ve got to cut about an inch off and reattach before tomorrow’s class.

Have you ever had a day like this?


At 10:14 PM, Blogger Tori Scott said...

Sounds like a typical day around my house. Including sewing the laces in the wrong place on pointe shoes. Those things should come with the laces already attached.

Hugs to your mom and dad. Can't imagine going through something like that.


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