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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The things I miss

I'm going to talk about some not so serious stuff. I'm thinking about that song from Sound of Music "My Favorite Things." This isn't going to be a list of favorites but of things I miss.

Right now I'm missing spinach. Every week when I go to the grocery store I ask the produce people when they are going to get spinach again. They don't know. I know they had to take spinach off the shelves for a very good reason, but I can hardly wait until it comes back. I usually had a spinach salad for lunch four or five times a week before the e-coli problem. No other green takes the place of spinach. Popeye and I are in mourning.

I miss playing tennis on a regular basis. I used to play two or three times a week. Now I'm lucky if I play once a week. I also miss winning. The old addage "practice makes perfect" applies to tennis as well as a lot of other things. My lack of playing time has dimished my game. I hesitate to compare myself to any pro, but I will anyway. Andre Agassi and I are both playing fewer matches.

I miss having the Boston Red Sox or the Atlanta Braves in the baseball playoffs. I haven't watched one playoff game so far this year. The New York Yankees and I are out of the playoffs.

I already miss the hot, hot days of summer. I like fall, but I love a hot, hot day when a plunge in our swimming pool is a perfect refresher. Right now our pool is a little too refreshing unless you're a polar bear.

I miss the long daylight hours of summer. If I want to take a walk after dinner now, it gets dark before I'm done. I'm pining for those evenings when it's light until nearly nine o'clock.

We're having a drought, and I missing a rainy night. I love to listen to the rain on the roof when I'm snuggled in my bed. I miss the fresh smell after a good rain shower.

These are only a few small things I miss. What little things are you missing?


At 11:26 PM, Blogger Diane Perkins said...

I miss the long days, too, Merrillee, but I love when the weather turns to Autumn. No season feels quite like it.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Tori Scott said...

I love Autumn. I'm enjoying the cooler weather, and even the shorter days. But I really, really miss the days when my father-in-law was still alive and I had most of my days home alone to write, read, clean the house, cook a meal--all in solitude.

I love my husband, but being with someone 24/7, having to explain where I'm going and why, feeling guilty about spending too much time on the computer when I should be helping him with whatever project he's started--it all goes against my carefree Gemini nature.

And I'm not too fond of having to work either. :)

At 1:45 PM, Blogger bridget said...

I miss spinach, too! Now I'm eyeing every bagged item in the produce section and wondering what bacteria are breeding inside the plastic...paranoid, much?


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