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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A crazy day

Today I was reminded of the absolute wonder of modern medicine, and I had a renewed appreciation for health care professionals. Early this morning I drove my mother-in-law to Jacksonville to have a procedure done that would determine the treatment for the poor circulation in her legs. I dropped her off at the hospital at 9 AM and then went to run errands, because her procedure wasn't scheduled until noon. After completing my errands and grabbing some fast food, I headed back to the hospital. I expected to find her finished with the procedure and resting comfortably as she waited to be released. When I arrived at the hospital around 1 PM, she still hadn't been taken in for her procedure. They were behind schedule because they had three patients who had been life-flighted to the cardiac center. You can't miss the helipad as you drive up to the hospital entrance. I realized how often we take the wonders of modern medicine for granted.

While I waited, I observed the nurses and the marvelous way they reassured my mother-in-law about the procedure. They were very patient and so caring, even of the folks like me who were waiting on loved ones. The outside temperatures today were in the mid to upper 90s, so I was dressed appropriately in shorts, light weight top and sandals. But the hospital temperature was much cooler, and I was freezing. The nurses brought me two blankets. One I wrapped around my waist to make a skirt, and the other I draped over my shoulders to keep me warm. I may have looked a little funny, but I was warm.

Finally, tonight about 9 PM, we were headed home. As I drove my mother-in-law's car down the interstate, the low coolant light flashed on, a reminder to have it checked tomorrow. But it became a worry when just a little ways down the road, we ran into a traffic jam. At first we thought there was an accident, but we discovered that they were doing road work at night, supposedly to avoid traffic jams. We were in stop-and-go traffic while I watched the temperature gauge slowly go up. I could just see us in the middle of all of this traffic with the engine overheating. Fortunately the traffic moved just enough to keep the engine cool, and we made it home.

But we have more hospital days ahead. The procedure today showed a blockage that will need to be repaired with a bypass, but I know after today's observation that the doctors and nurses will take good care of my mother-in-law and make her life better because of their knowledge and good work.

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At 11:56 AM, Blogger MaryF said...

Isn't it a great feeling, knowing she's well cared for? When my brother was in the hospital for his back surgery, he had the most terrific nurse who kept us all well-informed. She was awesome, and we really appreciated her.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Merrillee said...

You said it, Mary. I was so impressed by the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They are truly caring people.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Esri Rose said...

I really hope everything goes well, Merrillee.


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