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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Craft

Here's one from the WNP Archives.

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings in Eight Easy Steps
(makes 8)

1 spool of 1 ½ to 2 inch wide wired ribbon in a fall color
1 snap spool of Kreinik gold metallic cable thread (3 ply twist)
1 small spool of all purpose cotton-polyester blend thread that matches wired ribbon
1 sprig of silk fall leaves


These napkin rings are easy to make and look quite elegant. Get ready for the compliments!

First, unless you have these materials handy, go to your favorite local craft store to purchase your ribbon, metallic cable thread, all purpose thread that matches your ribbon, and sprig of silk leaves. Some great wired ribbon choices would be chocolate satin (like I picked), pumpkin velvet, or olive taffeta. Wired ribbon holds its shape better than regular ribbon. Keep in mind that the beauty of these napkin rings is in the quality of the ribbon you choose; so if you’re going to splurge, splurge on the ribbon. The chocolate wired lustre satin ribbon I chose runs about $4.99 per 12 foot spool. When selecting silk leaves, pick ones that show veining for the embroidery portion of the craft. I chose the Kreinik gold cable for the embroidery, but copper or silver would also be pretty.

1. Cut the smallest silk leaves from sprig.

2. Snip wired ribbon into eight 7 inch long pieces.

3. Cut a foot long length of 3 ply metallic thread. Separate strands. Thread needle with 1 strand of foot long metallic thread. Don’t use pieces much longer than 12 inches to ensure less fraying and knotting.
4. Center silk leaf in the middle of one piece of wired ribbon. Starting at the bottom of the center vein, outline stitch the veins on the leaf. Left-handed crafters will stitch right to left and will keep the thread below the needle. Right-handed crafters work from left to right, keeping thread above the needle. Bring needle up into the leaf at the beginning of the bottom center vein. Put the needle down into the leaf along the vein at about ¼ of an inch. Without pulling the gold cable all the way through, push the needle up through the vein about half way down the length of the previous stitch. Now pull the gold cable all the way through. Continue in the same manner, following the leaf vein up and out. Besides outlining the leaf veins, these stitches secure the leaf onto the ribbon.

5. Repeat Step #4 for all remaining ribbon pieces.

6. Flip ribbon inside out, fold ends about ¼ inch, press right sides together and hand stitch folded ends.

7. Repeat Step #6 for all ribbon pieces.

8. Flip ribbons right side out, and you’re ready to set your table.



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