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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Merrillee's Musings

See below for an explanation of the picture. It has nothing to do with Christmas, my favorite holiday.

Church services, gathering with family, Christmas carols, parties, Christmas trees, lots and lots of lights, Santa, wreaths, nutcrackers, gifts, Christmas cookies, my grandmother's chocolate caramels. I love them all. I love everything about it, even the hectic pace and the rush to get everyting done. I like to shop. I like to decorate my house. I like to send cards to folks I only communicate with this one time of year. I like to get their cards, and all those newsy Christmas letters.

This year I'm incredibly behind with it all. I'm behind because I have a January 15, 2006 deadline for my third book, the first one I've sold on proposal. And amidst all that I had one week to go over and return copyedits for my second book, a June 2006 release. Not to mention all the yard work that was postponed because of the pool construction. That pool I talked about in my blog last month. The good news: It is filling up with water as I type this and should be full by tomorrow afternoon. The bad news: Here in north Florida the temperature will be 44 degrees tomorrow morning. By afternoon it might be 62 degrees, not exactly good swimming weather even if the pool is heated. And I still have lots and lots of unfinished yard work. Here's an updated picture taken just before they started to fill the pool with water. Next month I'll post a picture of that hot tub in use.

Well, I tried to post a picture of the pool, but blogger tells me there was an error. The blogger engineers will look into it. So will they tell me what happened to my picture? Oh, now I see the picture is not here but at the beginning of my post. The computer can sometimes be a great mystery to me. My knowlege about computers is mostly trial and error. When everthing is going right, they are incredible inventions. When things go wrong, they seem like a curse.

I'm looking forward to Christmas and a visit from my two girls. I think we'll find the time to share some relaxing moments in that hot tub. Here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Jill Monroe said...

That pool is gorgeous!!!


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