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Sunday, August 03, 2008

This week on The Wet Noodle Posse

August is Inspiration month. Noodlers and their guests will blog about everything from what inspires them to write to practical tips on how to be ready for those moments of inspiration. We invite you to share in the discussion. At the end of the month, we'll raffle off a Barnes & Noble $20 gift certificate. Each post counts as an entry into the raffle.

This week's schedule:
Monday, August 4th: Tori Scott "Getting Stories from the News"
Tuesday, August 5th: Terry McLaughlin "Read, Read, Read"
Wednesday, August 6th: MJ Fredrick "Dreams as Inspiration"
Thursday, August 7th: All Noodlers "Quotes that Inspire"
Friday, August 8th: August Noodler Releases

Don't miss these great reads from our authors this month:

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At 2:36 PM, Blogger Gillian Layne said...

This looks great! That's kinda what I blogged about today as well: Get in gear, take all that conference inspiration and get back to writing!:)

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Theresa Ragan said...

Hi Gillian! It's good to be back! where did you blog on this topic?

Tori, congrats on having your book out!! Woohoo!! And thanks for the great post. Your sample news lines already gave me some great ideas! Nice reminder to use all those juicy stories to jump start our own stories. Thanks!


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