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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Arwen, the Scriberian Husky

Hello Noodlers,

Arwen, the Scriberian Husky here. Thanks for having me as a guest. I’m thrilled to be part of your All Creatures Great and Small month. My Mom is Michelle Roper, and she’s one-half of Gillian Summers, who’s written the Faire Folk Trilogy, and the soon-to-follow, Scions of Shadow trilogy. When Mom is not hogging the laptop, then I use it to write my blog,

Mom is going to do conduct an interview with me. So, let’s start the questions.

Michelle: Arwen tell the Noodlers how you became a member of our family.

Arwen: I was a road scholar, wandering the world, searching for a home. You saw me at a gas station and you had pizza. You couldn’t resist my twinkly blue eyes, and I can’t resist pizza, so the next thing you know, I was in the van on the way home with you. You tried to find my former owners, but after several weeks, it looked like you had yourself a dog. It was meant to be.

Michelle: Yes, it was. Tell everyone about some of your hobbies.

Arwen: In the spring and fall, I’m very busy shedding large amounts of fur. I, also, like to pong kitties.

Michelle: Not those hobbies. I think I’d better explain about kitty pong. Arwen likes to sneak up behind our cats and smack them on the head with her paw. She doesn’t hurt them, but I’m sure the cats see stars like cartoon characters do after they’ve been ponged.

Arwen: You know they love it.

Michelle: Actually, we curtailed the kitty ponging, and encouraged Arwen to pursue new hobbies.

Arwen: Want me to tell them about moonscaping?

Michelle: Sure, go ahead.

Arwen: I find the full moon inspiring. Whenever a full moon is out, I like to sing, but one night, I noticed the big holes on the surface. There had to be a husky digging on the moon. I looked at our backyard, and I decided I needed some craters. So, I started digging and digging and digging. Mom would make me stop, but I was a dog filled with passion for her art work. I would start another hole, and dig and dig and dig.

Michelle: Our yard did look like a lunar landscape, except our craters were huge Georgia red clay mud holes. Unfortunately, we had to find a new hobby for Arwen.

Arwen: That’s when I started writing screenplays and blogging. By the way, I need my own laptop.

Michelle; Arwen, we’ve talked about this. We have to share

Michelle: I’m sure the people want to know more about your screenplays and acting troop.

Arwen. My acting troop consists of me, my sister, Raven, and The Cat.
Even though, two cats live at my house, Woodstock is so cranky and evil, I won’t let him be in the acting troop. The other cat, Ryker thinks he’s a dog and likes to act in my plays.
I call him, The Cat. He’s recently become a member of the Screen Actors Guild and is demanding wages.

Michelle: I agree he’s had an attitude since he’s been accepted into the guild.

Arwen: Since he’s a card carrying member, he likes to flash it and his claws at me, whenever I tell him he’s missed a line of dialogue. You need to talk to him.

Michelle: Let’s move on from that subject. What about your play, Beloved Sled Dog? Can you give a quick summary?

Arwen: It’s about a team of huskies, who mush through thousands of miles in Alaska to bring medicine to a sick village. The lead dog is injured when she saves her master from an attacking reindeer. The musher loves his beloved sled dog so much he places her in the sled, and she gets to ride all the way to the village. All the other dogs are jealous, because they don’t get to ride.

Michelle: Who usually plays the beloved sled dog?

Arwen: Me, of course. But, Raven and The Cat have been saying they want turns playing
beloved sled dog. My play! I wrote it, so when we pretend beloved sled dog—I’m the beloved sled dog.

Michelle: Yes, I see, you’re still feeling very strongly about being the one and only beloved sled dog. What about your latest project?

Arwen: It’s The Taming of the Woo. We all have to take turns pretending to be the shrew and wear the stupid princess cone hat you bought at the Renaissance Festival.

Michelle: You look so cute in that hat.

Arwen: Yeah. Who puts their dog in a princess hat?

Michelle: Well, I do write fantasy books.

Arwen: Figures.

Michelle: I think we need to wrap it up. Anything else you want to say?

Arwen: Thanks for inviting me.

Michelle: Thanks Noodlers. Arwen and I have enjoyed visiting with you, today.

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At 12:26 PM, Blogger Mo H said...

Since you don't seem to care for your princess hat, are there any costumes you do like?

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Arwen said...

No, I hate all of the costumes Mom makes me wear from the reindeer ears to the Superdog cape. The worst is the pink ballet tutu. Don't even get me started! It clashes with my fur and makes my butt look huge.

At 3:09 PM, Blogger Judy said...

Welcome Arwen. I take it, from your name, that your mom likes Tolkien. Have you read his dog story Roverandom? My dog didn't care for hats either. Will your plays ever travel the country?

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Theresa Ragan said...

You do look cute in that hat, Arwen. You're very lucky to have found Michelle. You sound like a very fun dog. Thanks for sharing!

At 6:04 PM, Blogger Louisa Cornell said...

The hat has a slimming effect, Arwen. Trust me. What a lucky dog you are to have found Michelle and what a lucky person she is to have you.

My dogs don't like their costumes either, but they DO like their coats and bomber jackets when it is cold outside.

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Arwen said...

Hey Judy,

You're right about my name. My Mom is a huge Tolkien fan, and she decided with my pointed ears, I looked like an elf dog.

I haven't read Roverandom. I'll definitely have to put it on my reading list. Thanks for suggesting it.

I hope my plays will travel the country, right now, my acting troop is performing Taming of the Woo in the Shakespaw Festival.

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Arwen said...

Hey Theresa,

Don't tell Mom I look cute in my hat. She'll make me wear it to Petsmart.

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Arwen said...

Hey Louisa,

You really think the princess hat has a slimming effect? Hmm. I may have to think about this.I definitely know the tutu isn't working for me. I think I look like the dancing hippo in the movie, Fantasia when I have to wear it.


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