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Friday, June 09, 2006

For The Pleasure of Reading

For Revenge...Or Pleasure?
by Trish Morey

Trish's June 2006

What It's All About...

Jade Ferraro is a cosmetic surgeon at an elite Beverly Hills clinic. But to Loukas Demakis she's a fraud.

Loukas plans to seduce top secret information from Jade, and then discard her when he's done.

Loukas buys Jade dinner — for a donation of one million dollars! But will the cost of the truth be worth the price of his heart?

What Others Are Saying...

"Trish Morey's newest release from Harlequin Presents, FOR REVENGE... OR PLEASURE? carries a lot of heart. This is a story with a strong 'wow!' factor and a compelling plot that is hard to forget even after the book is finished. Ms. Morey has crafted an intensely sexy novel with unforgettable characters who tug at every emotion in the reader's heart. Laced with gripping narration and plenty of passion, this book is a winner from start to finish. Don't miss it." ~ Leena Hyat, Senior Editor, The Best Reviews


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