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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November at the WNP

by Anne Mallory

It's election day! Happy voting! On your way to or from punching your ticket and collecting your sticker, check out what the Wet Noodle Posse has on the e-zine this November!

Colleen Gleason has a fabulous article on the Opera Garnier - check out the behind the scenes of the Phantom!

The top ten tips for training your lovable pooch, by Stephanie Rowe.

The Benefits of Swimming, by some random lady. Who is this Anne Mallory person?

Featured noodler Jenna Ness - find out all the dirt!

Dr. Deb addresses trauma and how to deal with it.

Some valuable writing advice from Dianna Love Snell on playing to your strengths with Plotting and Pantsing.

SuperHeroine Valerie Parv, profiled by Pam Payne.

Thanksgiving napkin rings by Maureen Hardegree.

Comfort Foods and Languages we wish to speak by all the Noodlers.

Plus news and more!

Happy November!


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